Guest room

It is equipped with ceiling light, bright rooms.

You can relax in a comfortable space.

Also Simmons beds to deliver high-quality sleep and wake up next morning comfort excellent.


* In all rooms Internet is available (with PC)


non-smoking rooms12
Room size10㎡
Bed width97㎝
Available for1 pers

Double single

non-smoking rooms10
Room size13㎡
Bed width120㎝
Available for1-2 persons

Single sofa

non-smoking rooms6
Room size13㎡
Bed width97㎝
Available for1-2 persons


non-smoking rooms12
Room size15㎡
Bed width97㎝
Available for1-2 persons

Regular twin

non-smoking rooms8
Room size20㎡
Bed width97㎝
Available for1-3 persons

Amenity Service

Room Amenity

Shampoo, Conditiioner

Each of POLA shampoo, conditioner, body wash is in a separate bottle.

Facial Soap

We have prepared a face soap of Shiseido. You can use it for hand wash and for shaving.


We have prepared a nightwear.

Hair Dryer

We have prepared a hair dryer.

Electric Kettle

We have prepared an electri kettle which can boil easily.

Other Amenity

We have prepared other things such as; toothbrush, comb, cotton buds, face towel, bath towel, disposable slippers, tea set.

Room Amenities and Service

TV, VOD (video etc.), wireless LAN, wired LAN, toilet with automatic washing function, hair dryer, refrigerator, pot, trouser press (placed in every floor)

TV, Terrestrial Digital Broadcasting, VOD

The TV for each room supports Terrestrial Digital Broadcasting. Get rid of your tiredness for the day and make yourself at home. Also, you can watch 100 channels with VOD (Video on Demand) (1,000 yen per night).


There is a wireless and wired LAN in each room which you can use freely. Also, we can lend a laptop at the front desk. Please use it for gathering tourism information (1,000 yen per night).


There is a refrigerator placed in each room free to use.
It is turned off on check-in.
Please turn it on when needed.

Rental Amenities

Free of Charge: nail cutter, sewing kit, iron, and humidifier

Bicycle Rental

Useful when going sight-seeing or shopping.
*We also have Motor-assisted cycles (for a charge) prepared.

Rental Pillows

On each floor we have rental pillows. The pillows in each room are high, so we have low pillows and low-resistance pillows. Please use them as you like.

Pants Presser

On each floor we set up pants pressers. Please use them freely.

Miscellaneous Services

With Charge: laundry, massage, door-to-door delivery, photocopy, FAX
Free of Charge: newspaper (lobby), wireless LAN (FLETS Spot NTT), rental bicycle
※Please understand that there will only be limited number and we might not be able to lend you when every item is on loan.

Services within the Building

Free Coffee Service

In the first floor lobby there is an area accessible 24 hours for free. You can spend a pleasant time surrounded by the aroma of freshly brewed coffee.

Free Drinking Water Service

In the first floor lobby there is an area accessible 24 hours for free. You can quench your thirst after your arrival or before your departure.


On the sixth floor we have a Laundromat, and dryers. One use 300 yen (No detergent necessary), dryers available for 100 yen.

Vending Corner

On the fourth・eighth floor we have set up a vending corner.
The prices are the same as in the stores.

Ice Making Machine

On the sixth floor we have an ice making machine. Please use it for whiskey or drinks, etc.

VOD Vending Machine

On each floor we set up VOD vending machines (One disc 1,000yen). You can watch 100 channels (movies, adult). You can fast forward, rewind as you like, and you can watch it until you check-out next day.

Smoking Area

On the second floor we set up a smoking area. It is available 24 hours.

AED (Automated External Defibrillator)

At our hotel the safety of our customers is our top priority, and we have an AED machine ready.

Brochure Corner

On the first floor we have a brochure corner.
We have over twenty kinds of brochures and maps of the local area, timetables, and more.