Privacy Policy

Tierrelsea co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “our company”) will properly handle the personal information required for work and will protect it as the social duty demands based in the initiatives that follows.


  1. Compliance with laws and regulations.
    Our company will make the executives and every single employee (temporary staff, part time job staff included) thoroughly comply the laws and regulations relevant the privacy protection.
  2. Proper collection, use and provision.
    Our company shall collect personal information properly and shall clarify the purpose of their use and use it within that purpose. Also, our company will not provide the collected information to any third party without the permission of the individual in advance, except in the case it meets the requirements by law.
  3. Safety Management

Our company will handle the personal information with meticulous attention and take measures to prevent Illegal access, leakage, loss, alteration, etc., of the data. Our company will also school properly the employees to increase the knowledge and improve awareness, in case the handling of the personal information is outsourced, and the subcontractor will be screened and supervised properly.

  1. Disclosure, correction and suspension of use

When the customer asks for the disclosure, correction and suspension of use of the personal data our company has in possession, we will respond to that request quickly through the contact point for support listed below. In case our company will not respond to this request as required by law etc. We shall explain the reasons to the customer.
5.  Continual improvement of initiatives

Our company is to make a continual improvement of the initiatives to protect personal information. Therefore, the initiatives may be modified without prior notice.
6.  Inquiries about personal information.
For questions, inquiries regarding the personal information of our company please contact the next listed below.

We might need confirmation of identity in accordance with the necessary. Thank you for your understanding.



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1st of March 2005

Tierrelsea Co., Ltd.

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