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Historic national treasure Hikone Castle Town boasts Hikone Castle

One of the surviving Tower of the old country 12 Castle at Hikone Castle, has been designated as national treasures.

Re-creation Edo era's Hikone, many historic buildings remain, as well see yumekyobashi Castle Road ", too, and while walking down the street they can also enjoy the unique attractions and town and the atmosphere.

Nearby attractions include

【National treasure, Hikone Castle】

Extant Castle 12 castles across the country [national treasure 4 castle / compound / 8城] but Hikone Castle is designated as the national treasure 4 Castle out, does not exist.National treasure Hikone Castle Tower of Hikone mountain overlooking Lake Biwa, the legitimate child of the first Lord Naomasa and naotsugu and naotaka 2 Lord nearly two decades is a was completed in 1622.Since then, as the Hikone clan II family 350000 stone castle tells the current imposing figure.The castle was surrounded by a moat of 3-story donjon and double still remains pretty much the same, as Japan’s famous crowded with many tourists throughout the year.

♦ transportation / JR Hikone station walking 10 minutes
♦ opening hours: 8:30-17:00
♦ admission fee: 800 yen

【Your city tour bus】

To patrol around the Hikone Castle "your Castle bus".Circling the temple, Hikone Castle, YuMe Kyobashi Castle Road, Ginza Street.One day deals round ticket for unlimited rides in the Hikone Castle and Lake City to fully enjoy.

♦ station / JR Hikone station West exit (Hotel side) get off at bus stop 2
♦ hours: 9:00-16:30 (Yoshihiko roots station)
♦ charge, 210 yen per ride, 1 day ticket 300 yen
♦ operation day Saturday and Sunday (and when the peak period service) (December-no runs until the end of March)

【YuMe Kyobashi Castle Road】

Is the street stretches from Kyobashi moat of Hikone Castle in tourist attractions, was to reproduce the details of appearance of the townscape of the Edo period.Feeling like walking the streets with sloping tiled, gabled roofs, black grids with white walls and dark mixed with soot, smoke, and it slipped in the Edo period.You can sort, such as souvenir shops, restaurants, theme, to enjoy the atmosphere of the Castle.

♦ transportation / JR Hikone station 25 minutes on foot

【Mt. Lake / hyakusai-ji Temple】

Temple of the Tendai sect atmosphere yamashiro, surrounded by a massive stone wall.
In the oldest class Temple in OMI province, now 1400 years old, Suiko 14 years (606), Prince Shotoku Baekje people for oshitate mountain kudara Dragon cloud Temple, was built.Lake Mountain (XI ming Temple, kongorinji Temple, hyakusai-ji Temple)

♦ transportation and Hikone station 50 minutes by car
♦ opening hours: 8:00-17:00
♦ admission fees: adult 600 Yen

【Sawa Castle】

Ishida Mitsunari and Castle as famous, "jibu at least there are two things the past. Shima Sakon the Sawa mountain Castle "and said.
 Sawayama Castle currently covered, all-mountain Grove, but was equipped with only the book remains at the Summit of round, Sawayama Castle in bygone days was in the Castle boasted a grand scale.Sawa Castle is owned by the temple located at the foot of the Western mountains, courtesy and allowed in free admission, the trailhead is located within.

♦ transportation / JR Hikone station 25 minutes on foot
♦ opening hours: 9:00-16:00
♦ admission fee / yongdam Temple admission fee is 400 Yen (admission free)

【Lake Biwa】

 With Japan's largest area and reservoir lake.Seta, Uji and Yodo River and the name change water flows, accounting for one-sixth of the land area of Shiga Prefecture, leading to the Osaka Bay.In diverse ecosystems of Lake Biwa, and more than 1000 different animal and plant species, Ayu fish, clams, carp, trout, such as many areas products are produced.

♦ 35 minutes walk and 5 minutes by car from Hikone station / JR

【Chikubu island】

Chikubu island is a place Western variant thirty-three bills concerning the No. 30 fudasho Chikubu Island Temple (hougonnji), Metropolitan h. tsukubusuma shrine (Chikubu Island shrine), and Shinsaibashi (always) go Island God since ancient times has been faith.Also, is counted as one of the eight views (dark green).Also along with the Enoshima and Miyajima is benzaiten, the oldest one of the “3 benzaiten in Japan”.

♦ transportation / JR Hikone Station Shuttle 8 minutes, Hikone port’s ship 40 minutes
♦ Board / 9:30-14:00
♦ charge / boarding fee 3000 yen (round trip), into island price: 400 Yen

【Many view island】

Multi Deluxe Island (takeshima) is a little island off the coast of the port of Biwa Lake Hikone in the views of many islands and now known for the show can variety depending.Watch Tower Temple of the Nichiren sect, and engraved with the characters ‘Namu Myoho renge Kyo”, smearing blood when you change the title rock of II Tairo assassination of John f. Kennedy.

♦ transportation / JR Hikone Station Shuttle 8 minutes, Hikone port’s ship 20
♦ Hikone port of embarkation hours: (am) 10:00-multi view Island excursion to Hikone port 10:45
(PM) Hikone port 15:10-multi view landing 30 minutes-Hikone port 16:20
♦ charge / boarding fee 1000 yen, at 1500 yen

【Taga Taisha Shrine】

God the parent Taga shrine of Ise-Jingu Shrine.Shiga Prefecture first is known under the name of Taga's oldest shrine is.Attracting the faith as Oza longevity, marriage, good-luck charm, and weeping in the spring on Colophon of cherry blossoms and fall foliage as well as stunning, blessed with nearby attractions such as Hikone Castle, Lake, Lake Biwa, welcomes worshippers 1700000 people per year.

♦ transportation / JR Hikone station away from the OHMI railway Taga Taisha Shrine ahead 17 minutes walk

【XI ming Temple, Mt.】

XI ming Temple can be designated natural monument in the tireless cherry blossoms, cherry blossoms and autumn leaves at the same time enjoy.Numerous national treasures and important cultural properties in some precincts, one of the Lake every year, from Nov. 11, colored Maple and maple to the beginning of December.Planted, especially close to 1,000 + Maple leaves is overwhelming.Lake Mountain (XI ming Temple, kongorinji Temple, hyakusai-ji Temple)

♦ transportation and Hikone station 25 minutes by car
♦ opening hours: 8:00-16:30
♦ admission fees: adult 600 Yen

【Kongo circle Temple, Mt.】

Majestic temple to commemorate the victory of the former post erected in the Kamakura period treasure located in the top left column pagoda, Temple 2 heaven gate is listed nationally.Brightly colored dyed deep red in late autumn leaves are widely known and permission or Gil Momiji.Filled with gentle thinking of Kannon, Lake's famous old garden, and are designated as a national scenic spot.Lake Mountain (XI ming Temple, kongorinji Temple, hyakusai-ji Temple)

♦ transportation and Hikone station 35 minutes by car
♦ opening hours: 8:30-17:00
♦ admission fees: adult 600 Yen


Toyotomi Hideyoshi is a castle with feudal lords for the first time, opened the Castle, Nagahama.Kurokabe square flourished during the Edo period as the Odori-ji Temple and Kitaguni Kaido roads of, still in the streets is lined with restaurants and shops to enjoy local dishes centered on glass craft shops and workshops, as well as a popular attraction.
There is a full trail ran through the battle ruins of odani Castle was the residence of Azai Nagamasa in urban area, Ishida Mitsunari birth of the anegawa, warring warlords of the Sengoku romance filled with highlights.

♦ rapid 22, 20 minutes by car from Hikone station / JR


City of Omi Hachiman nagaizaka Castle castle ruins of Azuchi Castle, Castle and Castle where Oda Nobunaga and Toyotomi hidetsugu, Riverside, there are numerous attractions such as the famous Japanese-style confection "taneya" head office.

♦ rapid 14 minutes, 50 minutes by car from Hikone station / JR

♦ charge / Azuchi Castle admission fee: 500 yen
Hachiman Castle (aerial tramway round trip) 880 Yen
Suigo meguri 2100 Yen

【Mitsui outlet Park Shiga ryuo】

Mitsui outlet Park Shiga ryuo's Mitsui outlet mall outlet all stores out of 165 shops, the 142 stores.In Kyoto-Shiga area outlet first to scale the size of Japan's third largest.Easy access from ryuo IC on the expressway, with 5,000 parking.

♦ more traffic / Hikone IC on Meishin Expressway 25 minutes by car

♦ business hours / 10:00-70: 00 (shops)
10:00-21:00 (restaurant)

Special accommodation packages

【Hikone country club】

This is a golf course in excellent location overlooking Lake Biwa, Hikone Castle.With about ten minutes by car from Hotel Sunroute Hikone are within comfortable reach.

♦ Hikone country club /

Are available throughout the year.However, 12/31-except for some specific day 1/3 period.
* Rates are per person for lunch in the accommodation, hotel breakfast, taxes, service fee and golf fee (1 round self play), golf (1000 yen).
* Style of play that ride Kurt self play per if you wish with a caddie 3240 yen up (for the 3 bags and 4 bags).
Golf, as well as the golf course use tax please pay at the golf course (Hikone CC).
* 3 people (1 pair), please at least.
2 persons of case per person per stay is possible, but will be premium 1080 p yen (self).(Saturday and Sunday is 2160 yen)
Your stay is if the abstain from playing in some circumstances due to the refund please note that we do not.